Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Vancouver, Canada May - June 2011

Conducted by David and Gerardine Pipkin


The Airline and the Airport

At Gatwick South Terminal, there were refurbishments on-going with a lot of walking. Quick check in was provided with the airline Transat and the security was okay.

Air Transat provides priority seating for the disabled and has an accessible toilet on-board with use of wheelchairs. For more information on Air Transat's policy for disabled travellers, please check the links section at the bottom of this page.

Vancouver International Airport has excellent facilities for disabled travellers, with disabled toilets and lower counters for wheelchair users and immigration at Vancouver was fine.

At The Hotels

Best Western at Langley is all fully accessible for disabled people. Admiral Inn in Victoria, Vancouver Island had steps at the front but level entry at rear. This hotel is due to be demolished for condos to be built. Parksville Resort on Vancouver Island is all accessible.

Getting Around

Vancouver is one of the most accessible cities in the world for disabled travellers. The city is quite compact and very easy to roam for all disabled people.

To see Vancouver by Trolley Bus is a great way to get the feel of the city, but unfortunately this is not disability friendly. The ferry to Vancouver Island and back to Horseshoe Bay was all completely accessible.


Vancouver has a wide majority of attractions, some which are fully accessible for disabled people with step free access and disabled toilets are listed below:

White Rock is a seaside town which has disabled toilets and promenades for wheelchairs along the seafront. The Maritime Museum in Vancouver is fully accessible but has no concessionary rates for disabled visitors.

The Aquarium in Stanley Park is fully accessible for wheelchair users, but some of the exhibits are dark and would not be easy for the visually impaired. China Town and Gas Town can be crowded with some cobbles which may not be easy for wheelchairs, visually impaired or anyone with mobility issues.

The Parliament Building at Victoria on Vancouver Island is accessible for all and also The Royal British Columbia Museum with disabled toilets. However, there are no concessions for disabled visitors but are fully accessible.

Tofino Resort situated on the west of Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park has disabled toilets on the beach. At Spider Lake Provincial Park (Vancouver Island), there are wheelchair accessible paths.

Eating Out

Ricky's Restaurant in Langley is fully accessible for disabled people.

The Noodle Box in Victoria is a great place to eat which is disability friendly.

A and W Burger Restaurant in Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island is accessible.

Bars and Cafes

At the waterfront, Yaletown Bojangles in Vancouver is a coffee house which is fully accessible with a disabled toilet.

Disabled Toilets

As previously acknowledged, British Columbia has disabled toilets in nearly every major attraction, restaurant and at the airport.

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