Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Milan, Italy February 2012

Conducted by Philip Pipkin


The Airline and the Airport

Once we had landed it was explained that if any one needed special assistance please make themselves known when departing the British Airways flight. There were disabled toilets at Malpensa Airport, however I do not recall seeing any disabled information.  For more information on access at the airport, please check out this link:

At the Hotel

Unfortunately, the hotel, Idea has no access for wheelchairs nor does it have any adapted rooms.  However, there would is enough space for someone with no physical issues.  There was a menu in large print though not international and the lift had braille for each floor number.

Getting Around

Generally, the area was quite flat with no hills so on the same level.  However, this city has a lot of cobblestones which can be an issue for those who use wheelchairs.  However, Milan is a lot easier to get around compared to other Italian cities.

On the underground, I noticed one lift that would cater for a disabled person and the metro map stated that 50% of stations had disabled access.

There were a few taxis that were wheelchair friendly.  There were disabled parking spaces in front of the hotel and along other main roads. For more information on getting around and the accessibility of public transportation, please check out this link:


The main aim of this holiday was to see the Champions League game between AC Milan and Arsenal.  The San Siro Stadium, home to AC and Inter Milan had a ramped walkway to the seating area and generally good access.  There are designated areas for wheelchair users to access the matches.

Eating Out

In general, most restaurants had disabled access with ramps and lifts in place for wheelchair users.  The lighting in these establishments is good.

Bars and Nightlife

Most establishments had stair lifts in place as most have steps to enter.

Disabled Toilets

Disabled toilets were found downstairs in some bars with stair lifts in place.

Any Other Comments

It seems that the Italians are aware of the need for disabled access and they seem to have a passion for stair lifts.

Due to the fact that almost everything is on one level (Milan is very flat) access into shops and attractions is generally easy because there are no steps. Overall, I found Milan a disabled friendly environment.

For more information about disabled access in Milan, please visit this link:

 Please check out Sage Traveling, for more information on access in Milan, the link is as follows: