Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Magaluf, Majorca June 2007

Parasols on a hot sandy beach in Magaluf

Getting Around

For anyone who loves a great nightlife Magaluf has everything they need, with hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops only a short distance from each other. Getting around the resort of Magaluf is relatively easy. The best way around the resort is on foot, although pavements are wide enough for two people, there are trees and rubbish bins making it narrow at certain points. Buses are available, but are not easily accessible for wheelchair users. However, as an alternative there are taxis which are fairly accessible.

Anywhere in Magaluf the beach is nearby, with an average of 200 metres from most hotels/apartments and is easily accessible. There is also a promenade before the beach, which makes access easier for those with a physical or mobility condition.


There are a few attractions to mention in Magaluf, one is Aqualand, an outdoor water park. This consists of many waterslides spread out over a wide area. Access is limited to those with physical disabilities, therefore it is felt inappropriate for disabled people. For people who are visually impaired, there is extra help available from the lifeguard service.

Golf Fantasia is a popular crazy golf complex. Access to this attraction is rather limiting for the physically disabled. At the entrance there is ramped access, although the ramp is quite steep, the attraction is full of steps, uneven paths and caves. This can make it incredibly hard for visually impaired and physically disabled people.

Palm trees and restaurants in the sunny resort of Magaluf

Eating Out

Access to many restaurants in the resort is good. However, there are some places that require a step or stairs to reach the seating area. Some restaurant menus are easier to read than in the UK; they have been translated from Spanish into English, with a slightly larger, clearer print.

Bars and Nightlife

In the summer months, Magaluf poses a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, bars and nightclubs can be incredibly busy, however, there is enough space to stand and move about. There are many seats so finding somewhere to sit should not be a problem. Most bars play loud techno music which can make communication difficult, some even have their own light show. This can make it hard for visually impaired people to get around.


Souvenir shops are everywhere in Majorca. Most shops are easily accessible, with ramped access. However, several ramps appear to be poorly laid out, with a tight angle of elevation.

Disabled Toilets

A negative impact for the physically disabled is that in Magaluf, most places do not provide disabled toilets throughout the resort. However, there is one bar in the BCM Square which had a disabled toilet, and was the only one that I encountered.

General Information

In Majorca, nearly everyone speaks English so if that is your choice of language, there shouldn't be a problem with communication.

According to my perceptions and experiences, the resort of Magaluf is not disability aware.  Access to restaurants, bars and nightclubs is rather limiting, with lack of lift or ramped access.  Much is needed to be done if the resort can ever claim it caters for disabled travellers.