Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Kavos, Corfu April 2010

Conducted by Nikolaos Tsagkaris

The Airline and the Airport

On a scale of one to ten the airline, EasyJet was rated at eight for disability awareness. The local airport at the target destination, "Ioanis Kapodistrias Kerkyra Airport", is properly equipped with facilities to help disabled people. There are disabled toilets and an information desk is available to assist disabled people.

Getting Around

Corfu is a tourist holiday destination with many attractions but because of the age of the island most ways round the island are not properly equipped to help disabled people. For example, most of the streets in the old town of Corfu are made of unequal marble that would be impossible for a blind person to navigate through.

Public transport is not ideal for use if disabled of have any phobia for tight space areas since transport is usually overpopulated by locals while the buses don't have areas to assist disabled people such as areas for wheelchairs.

Apparently, there are no taxis available for wheelchair users. There are spaces for disabled parking in the newest areas of Corfu and usually disabled badge is needed though the inspection for badges is rarely taken into consideration.


Old Fortress of Corfu is a large area, a rock fortress connected to Corfu town via a small bridge. The way through is accessible for some disabled people with price reductions for admission. Due to the age of this historical monument, which dates back to the 15th century, there is no lift or ramped access. However, future plans have been made for such additions.

Corfu Kandunia, the small, old streets of Corfu. Not very accessible to wheelchairs or visually impaired people due to the way it is constructed. The streets of old Corfu are not accessible for anyone with a severe disability. Some parts might be accessible but others will be impossible to navigate through due to the way the floor is constructed and the tight space.

Most attractions in Corfu are of an age of fifty years and more and therefore not much accessibility has been taken into consideration. Additions to some attractions have been added such as Braille pads. However, the only places I have seen Braille guides are newly built areas such as some museums (no idea what good they would be there) and parts of smaller monuments such as the "Pylon of Douglas".

Eating Out

I visited many restaurants in Corfu town and Benitses area of Corfu Island. Most restaurants are big and are easy to access apart from a few that are found in small streets that could be tough to access. The more expensive restaurants have ramps and other ways of helping disabled people.

Indoors is usually well lit at all times, outside areas at night time are also well lit with the use of bright lights. Unfortunately, restaurants do not provide large print menus for the visually impaired.

Bars and Nightlife

Most clubs in the Kavos area are accessed directly from the pathways and central streets so not much difficulty there. Only a small number of bars, pubs and clubs can be found with lifts and ramps. Kavos area has a wild night-life with many new night clubs. Many now have ramps for wheelchairs.

Disabled Toilets

Disabled toilets can be found in some new buildings, 4-5 star hotels, as well as the Airport

Any Other Comments

Generally, Corfu has places and attractions that can be accessed by disabled people, but in some cases might require help from a third party. Buildings like shops and restaurants are not particularly accessible.