Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Biyadhoo, Maldives May 2010

Conducted by Maggie Toner


The Airline and the Airport

The airline, Monarch was very helpful to a family with a teenage daughter who had Downs Syndrome. Other than that I did not notice any other obvious support for disabled people.

At Male International Airport, Maldives there was a disabled toilet and all on one level. However, there didn't seem to be any information for disabled people.

At the Apartment

Biyadhoo is a small island and although there was a man with MS who used a stick there, I do not think it would be easy in a wheelchair. In the bedroom it would have been a bit tight to fit wheelchairs. I did not notice any large print information, but everyone was very helpful.

Getting Around

The island of Biyadhoo is very small, approximately twenty five acres big, so there is no public transport available. The bar, restaurant and apartments were on ground level but the paths were compacted sand and it would have been difficult to get down to the sea as everywhere was beach.

Generally, it is very easy to get around if you are physically able, but the man with MS found it a little difficult on the tiled areas when they were wet.


The main attraction of the Maldives is the beaches and the sea. Therefore, people with mobility issues will find it difficult on the sand as there are no permanent walkways. Once you reach the sea, you have scuba diving and snorkelling as activities, but accessing the boats could be a problem.

Eating Out

There was only one restaurant on the island which was on ground level, but sand floors so are not easily accessible for wheelchairs. All meals were Buffet style meals, but staff on hand all the time to help and explain dishes. The lighting in the restaurant was mainly low, which is not good for the visually impaired.

Bars and Nightlife

Like restaurants there was only one bar, which had low lighting and a sandy floor.

Disabled Toilets

No disabled toilets elsewhere than the airport, but the one in the restaurant was easily accessible.

Any Other Comments

The airline, Tour Company and staff on the island were brilliant; very helpful and courteous. It was an amazingly beautiful island and relaxing holiday and I would recommend it to everyone. However, if you have mobility issues then it may not be the best choice. Some of the other islands may have different and perhaps better facilities, but you can't get away from the fact they are all islands with lots of sand.

For more information on disabled travel, please visit the Complete Maldives Holiday Guide by clicking on the link: