Tourism Abroad - Disabled Accessibility

Dubai, United Arab Emirates October 2012 

  Conducted by Fiona Widdowson


The Airline and the Airport

Emirates are a top class airline providing an accessible experience for all disabilities.  Please check out their website below for more information:

At Dubai International Airport, assistance from airport staff is provided for disabled passengers. There were conveyor belts and a large waiting area in between these. They have a marble type floor, which could be slippery if you are of a frail frame. It is very well lit and has lifts and escalators.  There were also disabled toilets in various locations around the airport.  For more information on the access at the airport, please take a look at the link below:

At the Hotel

The hotel, Grosvenor Tavern has one purpose type built room for disabled access.  Other rooms were generally well spaced. Bathroom had a separate shower with one step to get in.  Unfortunately, this hotel doesn’t offer information in large print or braille.

Getting Around

It is generally easy to get around with ramps and lifts available in shopping malls. Pavements on the main roads though have a high curb, and some pavements were not completed.

Taxis are cheap and are the best mode of transportation. They have taxi’s with wheelchair access, however you need to book a modified taxi on this number (+971 4) 2080000.  Tourists don’t tend to walk due to the heat and humidity.


Generally, attractions are easily accessible like the Dubai Mall which was all fully accessible with ramps and lifts in place.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is an indoor Arabian Market which is fully accessible to all with some good features.  For more information, please check out the link below:

The Marina was waterside with wide and level walkways, so was easily accessible.  The pool at Atlantis was accessible with no steps

Eating Out

Restaurants are easily accessible if they are in malls or hotels with lifts and ramps in place to help with mobility.  Usually good lighting, the Madinai Souk was well lit, outside restaurants had lighting for dinner at night.  Unfortunately, no large print menus were available.

Bars and Nightlife

There were no pubs; the bars were usually in hotels so they were easily accessible with ramps and lifts.

Disabled Toilets

There were disabled toilets located on the first floor of the Grosvenor Hotel and on the ground floor at the Royal Meridian.  They were also located in the shopping malls too.

Any Other Comments

Staff were generally helpful and will assist you with most things.

For more information, please click on the links listed below: